We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

brainiac daycare director

Our history

Brainiac’s Director Gennaia James is a lifelong educator with a passion for helping students unlock their fullest potential. “As a reading specialist in the public schools system, I often found myself having to re-teach the basics of phonics to middle schoolers.

It concerned me that students were matriculating through formalized education without the number one thing that sets them up for success: a solid foundation.” In 2012, Mrs. James founded Brainiac’s with the mission that all children deserve a good start.

The results have been evident ever since! When students leave Brainiac’s instructional care, they are well prepared for the next step in their educational journey, and demonstrably more advanced than their peers.

The Brainiac’s Difference

We take into account that every child learns differently. That’s why we are not a cookie cutter program!

At Brainiac’s we specialize in individualized learning, meeting each child at their level and crafting a unique experience just for them!

Our Focus

Our overall focus is the social, emotional and educational development of the Whole Child. We create daily opportunities for children to experiment, explore and thrive, both socially and intellectually.

Brainiac classroom
Toddler playground

Here’s what our parents have to say:

“Today my son was tested for Kindergarten and he blew the test completely out of the water! The principal asked, ‘Where does he go to school now?’ And I proudly replied ‘Brainiac’s Childcare Center’... She was amazed at his enunciation, knowledge and skill, thus finding him kindergarten ready.”